Meerhof Wines

With a long-standing heritage that dates back to 1651 Meerhof wines assure depth, character and ageing potential. Enjoy our range of wines, guaranteed to impress the discerning wine lover.

Since 1751, the very name "Meerhof" conjures images of endless rows of ripe vines being caressed by the Riebeek Valley.

Located on the original route taken all those years ago by Pieter van Meerhof, who joined the Cape Companje and named Kasteelberg, after pitching camp on the 4th of February 1661. On this very spot Meerhof Private Celler makes world quality wines today.

After 40 years in the Highveld farming maize and game, Koos van Rensburg and his son Erik moved to the Swartland four years ago to cultivate grapes at Rheeboksfontein.

It was here they made the acquaintance of Jaco Brand and soon a relationship of mutual trust and respect was established.

Jaco Brand, is the accomplished winemaker of Meerhof Wines and has a deep understanding of the local climate and expert knowledge of cellaring and blending.

Grapes are sourced from vineyards predominantly in the Swartland region from the Fairtrade farm Rheeboksfontein.

These are trellised vineyards and grow on shale and quartz soil with a bit of red oak leaves.

The vineyards are meticulously farmed and yields are managed down to below 8 tons per hectare.

Harvesting takes place between Mid February and mid-March.


Meerhof Wines

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Meerhof Wines